Drupal is quite friendly to the JavaScript code for your entry form and your giveaway can easily be added to Articles and Pages within the Drupal CMS interface.

Copy your campaign code
When you are logged into your PromoSimple account and have created a new campaign, the final tab within the campaign builder is labeled ‘Publish’. Within the Publish section click on the Publish Campaign button. This will generate three types of code that you can utilize for different areas where you may want to post your giveaway. For your Drupal website or blog, choose the JavaScript (recommended) code. Click on the icon to copy the code to your clipboard or highlight the text and copy it.

Paste your campaign code into Drupal
Log into your Drupal admin and click on content from the admin menu. Choose Add Content and you will be given the option of either an Article or Basic Page. Choose the one that you prefer to use to host your giveaway. You can setup your article or page as you would any other with a title, text, tags, etc. Paste the JavaScript code that you’ve copied from PromoSimple into the text input area for your page or post.

Just under the input area there is a dropdown menu labeled Text Input. Change this option to Full HTML. If you leave the default as Filtered HTML the entry form will not display when you publish this article or page.

Publish your Drupal blog post
You should be able to Preview your Article or Page, though sometimes when in Preview mode the entry form is shown quite far down the page. Be sure to check this again once you have clicked on Publish to set your entry form live within the blog post. That’s it!