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Create & Run Twitter Sweepstakes

Twitter follow entry methods
Reward entrants for Tweeting
Enable Twitter Refer A Friend entries
No technical knowledge (e.g., no coding) necessary

Features & Integrations for Twitter Sweepstakes

There are multiple options for integrating Twitter into your sweepstakes and contests with PromoSimple. Twitter entries can be setup as requirements for all entrants or included as bonus entries so that entrants receive additional chances to win by completing the action.

Include Twitter Follow entries for any Twitter account or craft a specific message for users to Tweet to their followers. You can also enable validated tracking which requires the entrant to authorize a Twitter App that will record the action and related data such as a URL for the Tweet that was sent. This ensures that all entries were completed accurately, reducing the need for manually verifying that entrants meet the requirements.

When you enable the Refer A Friend feature entrants are able to Tweet a message to their followers that automatically includes their unique referral URL, helping to spread the word and increase entries for your promotion.

In addition to the Twitter specific features, you can also include actions for your Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram followers as well as creating custom entry actions and auto-subscribing entrants to newsletter lists in our email service provider account. All of your data is accessible with real-time reporting and can be exported to spreadsheets.



Include any Twitter account(s) for entrants to Follow.



Craft a message for entrants to Tweet to their Followers.


Refer A Friend

Reward users for attracting new entrants via Twitter.

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