There is now a simple and easy option for adding a prize image or your logo to your giveaway’s entry form. There is no re-sizing or HTML knowledge needed – just paste in an image’s URL and you’re done. Simple!

After you’ve selected the entry options for your giveaway and settled on the format for your entry form you have options for creating a custom design on Step 4 – Customize of the campaign builder. Within these options you can opt to add an image just below the headline of your entry form.

To add an image, copy the URL for the image that you want to display in the entry form from your website directory. If the image is on your website or blog you can right click and select ‘Copy Image URL’ in most browsers. Paste this URL into the Image URL field and choose whether you want the image to be aligned to the left, right or centered. Images that are large will automatically be reduced in size to fit within the entry form. Images will be further reduced in size if your entry form uses the Narrow entry form option.