When you create a giveaway on the PromoSimple platform one of the optional fields that you can enter information into is the Campaign Description. This field is used for two purposes: adding additional information to your entry form and including additional information for your campaign throughout the Giveaways Network.

Adding a campaign description

When creating a new promotion there is an option on Step 1. Basic to add content to your entry form’s campaign description. This content will appear just below the prize headline and above your image (if you decide to add one to the entry form). This field allows basic HTML for styling your content.

Entry form campaign description

The campaign description is designed to be able to provide additional information to entrants about the campaign and prize. The headline area should be used for a very brief title that catches users’ attention. The campaign description area can be used to provide more in-depth details about the prize or prizes being offered.

Giveaways Network campaign description

Campaign descriptions are automatically included throughout the Giveaways Network if you opt to have your campaign displayed in the network. This includes the Giveaways Directory, Giveaways Newsletter and more. This additional information can help users decide whether to enter your promotion by providing additional information about the prize being offered.

You have the option to not show your description in the entry form on Step 3. Display. This is useful if do not want the additional text within your entry form but would like to include additional information for users throughout the Giveaways Network.