PromoSimple offers the option of including any or all of your giveaways and sweepstakes in the Giveaways & Sweepstakes Directory, hosted on This directory contains promotions from blogs, websites and brands, making it easy for entrants to browse through and find promotions that interest them while providing you with free distribution and advertising for your promotions. Only promotions powered by the PromoSimple platform are able to display in the Giveaways, Sweepstakes & Contests Directory.

PromoSimple Giveaways directory

Setting a category for your giveaway

When creating a new giveaway, on Step 1, you are given the option of selecting a category from a list of 20 options including Family & Parenting, Travel and Home & Kitchen. This option will automatically inherit the category you’ve selected for your PromoSimple account but can be changed to whatever category best describes your giveaway. After you’ve published your campaign you can also update this information on the Publish tab within the campaign builder or within the Promote section of your account.

Adding your giveaway to the directory

When you are ready to publish your giveaway simply keep the option checked to ‘Include this campaign in the PromoSimple directory.’ As soon as you click ‘Publish’ your campaign will be added to the directory (if the campaign has started, if it has not yet started it will begin displaying in the directory once it is accepting entries). After your campaign is published you can add or remove your giveaway from the directory by using the link within the Publish tab.

Customizing your listing for the directory

You can update the information that is shown within the directory from either the ‘Publish’ tab or from within the ‘Promote’ section of your PromoSimple account.

Title: This uses the prize headline from your giveaway by default. Update the text shown within the directory listing to any headline that you’d like to use. Make it intriguing and specific to get entrants’ attention!

URL: By default the directory listing will send users to a page that is dedicated your giveaway and hosts your entry form. If you’d like to have users sent to a page on your website or blog that hosts your entry form just paste in the URL for your site’s page.

Image: The directory listing will use the image that you’ve added to your entry form by default. If you have not included an image in your entry form or you’d like to use an alternative image for your directory listing simply paste in a link to the different image.

Category: Your campaign will inherit your account’s category when created; this can be updated on Step 1 when creating a new campaign. You can also update this field at any time if you believe another category better describes for your giveaway.

Tips for your directory listing

Choosing a category: The category determines where your giveaway appears within the directory. Select a category that best describes your giveaway; in some cases the appropriate category for your giveaway may not be the same as you would use to describe your website. For example, if your website or blog is focused on Family & Parenting and your giveaway prize is an iTunes gift card or a children’s movie, the best category may be Movies & Music.

Selecting an attractive image: Within the giveaways directory it is important to make your listing attractive to potential entrants so that they will choose to enter your giveaway; the image that is used should be eye-catching and relative to the prize. Images shown in the directory are 180 pixels x 120 pixels, which is significantly smaller than what can be shown in the entry forms, so you may want to add a different image for your directory listing.