Planning to build your Instagram followers is a great marketing goal, but it can be a hard one to accomplish fast—at least, without a giveaway. Read on to find out how to pump up your follower numbers in no time!

An Easier Way to Build Your Instagram Followers

Chances are you’ve already seen a giveaway on Instagram: They require you to like a picture, follow them, and maybe even tag a friend. Fine; easy enough for you.

But it’s a huge pain for the person running the giveaway! They have to scroll through to randomly select a winner, then verify that the person liked the photo and is following them.

What a waste of time—especially since there’s a much easier way.

When you build your giveaway on PromoSimple, you can quickly and easily use it to build automatically build your Instagram followers.

You can require entrants to like specific photos and videos and—unlike with Facebook—you can even use an Instagram follow as a requirement for entry!

Choose Your Winner in Seconds

And then, when you’re ready to choose your winner, you can do it in an instant.

Instead of having to scroll through a list of comments and cross-reference it with follows and likes, you can just open up your giveaway report in your PromoSimple dashboard and choose your winner with just one click!

Market to Your New Followers

Remember, too, that not only do you have new Instagram followers, now you also have new email subscribers, too!

You can send them emails specially targeted to them, and be sure you’re reaching them both by Instagram and by email—and you definitely can’t do that when you run one of those “tag your friend” giveaways on Instagram.

Promote Your Giveaway on Instagram

Don’t forget, though, that you can still promote your PromoSimple-run giveaway on your Instagram account.

All you have to do is post pictures of your prizes and change the link in your profile. If you’re hosting the giveaway on your site, you could use that URL—or, just use the PromoSimple-hosted URL to make it extra easy.

Add Instagram to your PromoSimple giveaway, and you’ll build your Instagram followers in no time, build your newsletter subscriptions will very little effort and reward your prize with just a few clicks! It couldn’t be simpler.