When you publish a campaign using PromoSimple a standalone webpage is automatically created that hosts your entry form. You can now completely customize this page with any HTML that suits your promotion. Add backgrounds, images, links or anything else that your entrants may be interested in.

Hosted entry form pageAbout the hosted page
After you’ve published your campaign there are three options for ways to host your entry form: Embed Code for Your Website, Hosted Entry Form and Add Your Entry Form to Facebook Pages. The hosted entry form page, by default, contains only your entry form on a white background. You can use the link to this page to easily drive users to your promotion from text links, banners, Twitter or any other traffic source that you use. This page is designed to be the easiest way for you to immediately send users to your promotion upon publishing.

Customize all elements of the page
Just below the box containing the unique link to your page there is a link to Click here to Edit this Page. When you click this link a new layer will open which is populated with the iFrame code for your entry form. You can completely customize the HTML around the entry form to add backgrounds, images, links, additional text about your promotion or any other HTML elements that you think will make your page more attractive to entrants. This allows you to create a microsite without needing to go through your internal development and design processes.

Hosted and served by PromoSimple
This page is hosted by PromoSimple on our Amazon cloud servers, which are monitored 24 hours per day by Pingdom to ensure that pages load quickly and downtime is kept as minimal as possible. Once you’ve customized your page and saved your changes they will be live on the hosted landing page immediately.

No developers or designers needed
At present this page can be updated by adding any HTML to the page — some level of familiarity with basic HTML is needed to create a custom page design. Any images that are currently hosted in a public file can be used on the page. If you require custom images for your page you will need to create and host the files. JavaScript and other actionable code is not allowed on this page.

See it in action
Below is a screenshot of a sample hosted page that just uses a background image and logo that are hosted on the PromoSimple blog. The entry form functions as normal but this allows us to have an alternative landing page that is immediately available without touching our website.