We have launched a new account type for PromoSimple users — FREE. We understand that many blogs and small businesses don’t have the budgets for applications like PromoSimple but we don’t think that should mean that they have to scrape together a manual system on their own or settle on using products that don’t meet all of their needs.

Selecting an account type
When the first giveaway is published for an account the user is given the option of choosing Basic or Select as an account type. Simple enough. This can be changed at any time within the account settings section of PromoSimple.

PromoSimple Basic accounts: FREE
This is our Free version which offers many of our advanced features. We will continue our current momentum of adding new features regularly as well as building new tools specifically designed for bloggers and small businesses.

  • Design customization that allows for selecting which modules are to be displayed, changing colors and fonts and adding images to entry forms
  • Social media integration with automatic validation for actions such as ‘Likes’ on Facebook, and ‘Tweets’ & ‘Follows’ on Twitter as well as automated data retrieval to record entrants’ social media usernames for campaign reports
  • In depth, real-time reporting with access to all reports for entries, entrants and campaign performance with the option to export any or all data via CSV for external use
  • Run unlimited campaigns simultaneously

PromoSimple Select accounts: $75 / month
This is our advanced version which includes all features from the Basic accounts plus a few features that have been developed for brands and larger companies. This account type can be cancelled or changed to a Basic account at any time.

  • Publish white label entry forms where PromoSimple branding is automatically removed
  • Run an unlimited number of white label campaigns simultaneously
  • Fully customize a sweepstakes microsite, hosted by PromoSimple, with custom HTML to have a landing page live in minutes