There are many options for customizing the design of PromoSimple entry forms. You can specify everything from font, width of the entry form border and background color to whether or not to display an image or how many entries an entrant has received to date. What you may not realize is that it is also very easy to make the form extremely plain and basic to easily fit into many websites.

Sample of a Basic Design for an Entry Form

Basic giveaway entry form

Using the basic form design on your website
Whether you have an in-house designer or a page template already created it is simple to paste your campaign code into a previously created page that fits all of your brand’s design guidelines. The basic form design is perfect for this situation – the page provides the branding and information about the giveaway. To entrants the form looks like it is part of the webpage but allows PromoSimple to handle all of the back-end work of displaying items such as the Facebook ‘Like’ button, collecting entrant information, choosing winners and providing campaign reporting.

Providing the basic form design to partners
Many companies running a giveaway may have multiple partners that have been chosen to share their campaign code with and allow them to host the giveaway on their website or blog. By creating a basic design for your entry form it is more likely to appear to be a part of the site on a wide variety of blogs and websites. This can make the form much more attractive to partners who are hosting the giveaway form and entrants viewing it.

How to create a basic entry form design
To create a basic entry form design simply select ‘No’ for the options in Step 3 (Display) of the campaign builder. On Step 4 (Customization) you may also choose to remove borders and make the form backgrounds a single color to create the most basic design.
The example shown above also uses the same font color for the Required Header text as the Required entry module background to make this headline blend into the form. You may want to add an image of the prize or your brand’s logo to the form to add your branding while still allowing the form to easily blend into a variety of website designs.

Most often it is easiest to use the quick design tools within PromoSimple as a way to quickly stamp your brand on your entry form; in some situations, like those mentioned here, creating a basic entry form design can be your best option.