You can now run contests just as easily as giveaways and sweepstakes with PromoSimple. The primary difference between a contest and a giveaway is that a contest has a winner that is chosen by the admin that is running the campaign or a panel of judges; winners are not randomly generated as they are for giveaways and sweepstakes. You can now use the Select Manually functionality to select a winner for your contest and publish it to the entry form of the promotion that has ended.

Why run a contest?

A contest typically requires users to submit an entry that competes with the other entrants in the contest. This can be great for asking for suggestions for your product, collecting testimonials for your marketing collateral or jump-starting your website’s user generated content. Many companies use contests to encourage their users to share photos, essays or videos that require users to interact with their product, website or brand.

How to select a winner for contests

Once your campaign has ended, log into your PromoSimple account and click on the Winners tab at the top of the page. Find your campaign from the list and click on the ‘Generate Winners’ button for that campaign. For each prize that you had setup for the campaign there is the option to generate a random winner; now, below the generate random winner button, there is a link to ‘Select Manually’. Click the ‘Select Manually’ link to open a layer that allows you to search by email address for the winner of your contest.

Once you find the entrant that you would like to be selected as the winner click on the ‘View’ button for that entrant. This will show all entries for that entrant. Clicking on the ‘Select as Winner’ will set that entry as the winner for the prize. By showing all entries you can setup contests that allow entrants to submit multiple entries for the contest and you can select the specific entry as the winner.