Ready for a new way to spice up your giveaway’s entry form? If you are familiar with SoundCloud, you’re aware that they label the site as the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music and audio. It is also an interactive service where you can add comments to songs that are shared publicly by others.

We often see our partners giving away music related items, like concert tickets and CDs. With this handy little design hack you can make your entry forms more engaging than ever before.

Getting SoundCloud Embed Code

Find the song that you would like to include when logged into your SoundCloud account and click on the Share button under that track. As long as the track is not set to private, the window that opens will have an ‘Embed’ option at the top of the screen. After choosing the embed option you can grab an iFrame containing the track.

There are also two options for the size and format of the iFrame. Choose the second option which provides a height of only 166 pixels so that your entrants are not overwhelmed by the media within your entry form.

Embed Sound Cloud song

Adding the Song to your Entry Form

Once you’ve copied the Code from SoundCloud paste it into the Description field in Step 1. Basic within the campaign builder. This will allow the song and promotion to show up immediately in the entry form preview. You can also add additional content above or below the song along with links or any other appropriate HTML.
Sounds cloud in entry form

Let users vote on songs

For an even more engaging experience for your giveaway’s entrants, allow them to vote on songs. By pasting your songs’ embed code into the fields of a Multiple Choice entry you can embed multiple tracks within your entry form. You can add text or HTML before or after the Embed code from SoundCloud. The recommended width for this placement is 300 pixels wide. Simply replace the width=”100%” with width=”300px” in your embed code to optimize the display of these songs.
Sound Cloud voting

You can also add video to giveaway entry forms using embed code from YouTube is the same manner.