When you are running a giveaway often there are many goals that you are trying to accomplish, whether that is gaining email subscribers, increasing social media participation or gathering user feedback. It is vital to keep your sweepstakes goals prioritized so that you don’t overwhelm or confuse entrants. However, you can also structure your promotions to ensure that you’re getting most bang for your buck also. Setting up a user flow that results in entrants being exposed to a message after they’ve entered is the ideal way to funnel entrants into a particular aspect of your website to engage them while your brand is already top of mind.

Finding the right content for your entrants

A confirmation or thank you message can be crafted in any number of ways, but rather than simply saying ‘thanks’ and leaving it at that you should consider what other content or deals your giveaway entrants may be interested in.

Common uses for Thank you messages
• Sales and limited-time offers
• Additional giveaways & sweepstakes
• Discount and promotional codes
• Related content and articles

These related offers grab the users’ attention and can allow you to funnel them into other areas of your website for deeper engagement. This section is completely flexible and you need to determine what entrants may be interested in as well as what content will allow them engage with and remember your brand after they’ve left the giveaway.

In the sample entry form shown here we’ve added links and images for two other currently running giveaways that are similar in nature to the giveaway that users just entered. Once an entrant has completed all bonus entries they are shown these giveaways and can click through to learn more about the other giveaways and enter them as well.

How to add a Thank you message

When creating a giveaway using PromoSimple, on Step 3. Display you can use the option to designate a ‘Message to display after entrants complete an entry/entries’. You are able to also set whether the message shows after the required entries are completed or to show it only if all required and bonus entries have been completed. This is a PRO feature which is not currently available to Free accounts.