One of our primary goals at PromoSimple is to provide a service that our partners can rely upon. We are passionate about ensuring that your entry forms load quickly and are always available for your users to enter. For this reason we have decided to post our up-time reports here on our blog.

Month Number of downtimes Length of downtime
April 2012 1 1 minute, 6 seconds
May 2012 0 N/A
June 2012 22 45 minutes
July 2012 0 N/A
August 2012 0 N/A
September 2012 1 2 minutes
October 2012 12 1 hour, 1 minute

In October we saw a spike in downtimes for PromoSimple entry forms due to issues with our hosting provider, Amazon Web Services. Some of Amazon’s other clients, including Reddit, Pinterest, FourSquare and Airbnb were impacted by this service disruption. We are proactively taking the necessary steps to prevent these service interruptions in the future.

For monitoring these statistics we use Pingdom, a service that focuses on testing our forms’ response times from locations around the world. The data shown here is taken directly from these Pingdom reports.