We’ve added a new format of entry form code that you can now use to add entry forms to your websites and blogs. The iFrame code is designed to ensure that the design style of your entry forms and social integrations do not interfere with any other elements of your website.

iFrame code for entry forms

Separating entry form and website designs

When you create a giveaway with PromoSimple you are able to customize every aspect of your entry form from fonts and font colors to background colors and borders. These elements are used to create a unique CSS file that is served with your entry form. By serving entry forms within an iFrame on your website you can ensure that the entry forms’ CSS files will not encounter conflict or overriding issues with your websites’ CSS files.

Keeping social integrations separate from your website

Giveaways that are served on your websites within an iFrame will also ensure that social integrations that are added to giveaways, such as Facebook ‘Likes’ and Twitter ‘Follows’, will not be interfered with by social integrations that are part of your website. This ensures that the setup you’ve created for your giveaway will display on your website just as you see it when previewing it in the campaign builder.

Resizing of iFrames automatically

The typical downside to iFrames is that you may see scrollbars around the iFrame when the content within changes size or shape. The implementation of PromoSimple iFrame code automatically resizes itself as users interact with the entry form so you will not see scroll bars and users can still easily interact with your giveaway’s entry form.