We’ve released a new feature today – an option for a narrower entry form for websites and blogs with content areas that have a smaller width. Based on user feedback it was apparent that there was a need for a slightly skinnier version of the PromoSimple entry form. This entry form attribute, now available within the Display options, provides a solution for a more compact format for entry forms.

Narrow Width Form
When creating your campaign, on step 3 of the campaign builder you have the option to select a Narrow Width for your entry form. This form is only 422 pixels wide to better fit into websites and blogs with a content section that is on the smaller side in terms of width.

Standard Width Entry Form
For websites and blogs where space is available the standard width entry form is still the default option. This entry form version allows for a bit of extra space in the headline area for additional text and is better able to dominate a webpage to draw your users’ attention.