The week of June 6, 2012, we released fixes and improvements for a variety of functionality for the PromoSimple entry forms.

New Feature: Titles for Newsletters & RSS Feeds
You can now add a title for your newsletter and RSS feed sign up entry types. This allows you to better let your users know what they can subscribe to. If you choose to have collapsed bonus entries your title will be used for the entry name (replacing the generic Newsletter Subscribe and RSS Subscribe).

New Feature: Font customization for more areas within the entry form
You can now specify distinct fonts for the following areas: header boxes (entry count, days left, etc.), Enter buttons, and the area that displays in campaigns that have not yet started or that have ended.

New Feature: Additional characters for call-to-action
The character counts allowed in your call-to-action if you choose to use an alternative to the default text of ‘Enter’ has been increased. Buttons on the entry form will now automatically re-size to fit your longer call-to-action.
Call to Action

New Feature: Improved clarity for saving changes
Just to make sure no one makes a change they regret and/or forgets to save, you will now be reminded if clicking out of the campaign builder after having made a change to your entry form.

Big Fix: Additional left padding for the entry forms
Previously if an entry form was left aligned on a page the left edge of the headline ribbon could be cut off. Additional padding has been added to ensure a consistent look to your entry forms.

Big Fix: Over-writing titles when there were more than 5 mandatory entries
For cases where a campaign was created with more than 5 mandatory Comment Requests or Custom Entries, occasionally one entry would over-write a previously created entry. This bug has been hunted down and fixed.