The week of May 25, 2012 released fixes and improvements for a variety of functionality for the PromoSimple entry forms.

New feature: Additional text for headlines
Entry forms can now have up to 150 characters to allow for longer giveaway titles. You can also now insert hard line breaks in your title to better format how your title displays.

New feature: Entry recall for entrants
When a user returns to a giveaway that they have already entered if mandatory entries are one-time only they will not need to enter any data into the required section. All one-time only bonus entries that have already been entered will be marked as completed to make it easy for the entrant to re-enter the daily bonus entries. There will be further improvements to this functionality in coming weeks.

New feature: More flexible custom entry types
When adding a ‘Custom Entry’ to your giveaway you can now choose to either ask entrants to check a box to confirm that they’ve completed the action or require them to provide information. This can be used to collect feedback, mailing addresses, or actions that are not yet supported by the form such as Google+ or Pinterest followers.

New feature: Publishing winners to ended campaigns
You now have the option to customize the text in the forms of ended campaigns. This can show any data you have permission from your winner to publish, including name, location and prize information.

Big fix: Ability to select multiple winners
Admins managing giveaways that have multiple prizes are now able to select up to 9 winners for a giveaway.