Unlike Facebook, which allows but does not encourage promotions on their platform, Twitter is very much in favor of allowing users to run promotions through their platform. Using your Twitter account, you can easily attract new users and visits to your website or blog through the use of promotions, contests and sweepstakes. However, Twitter does have a few simple rules and suggestions that you should be sure to follow when promoting your sweepstakes through their system. Unfortunately, violation of these stipulations can lead to the suspension of your account or your followers’ accounts. So, in order to ensure that all accounts remain in good standing, here are some simple rules to follow when running promotions on Twitter.

Encourage users to include @YourTwitterName in their posts
This will help your Twitter account by getting more mentions and will allow you to quickly search and find all of the entrants that have posted about your giveaway.

Don’t encourage users to enter your sweepstakes by using multiple twitter names
The users entering your sweepstakes via the PromoSimple tool may have the option to garner multiple entries by taking advantage of the various entry types that you setup. You will also be able to see this information within your PromoSimple Account and can verify that the users have performed these actions. If an entrant with a single email address is showing multiple Twitter names, you are able to disqualify that entrant within your PromoSimple Account.

Don’t encourage users to post the same message more often than daily
This should not be an issue when using the PromoSimple application because you are able to set up your campaign to allow users to enter your sweepstakes multiple times by enabling the ‘Once Per Day’ feature for mandatory and bonus entries.

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