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Use any of these customisable blocks in your designs. The tabs below show just some of the possible combinations.

All blocks shown here are available to use in the included Visual Composer Page Builder.

Projects Gallery 1
[stack_portfolio layout=”titles-outside-2″]
Projects Gallery 2
[stack_portfolio layout=”titles-inside-2″]
Projects Gallery 3
[stack_portfolio layout=”titles-hover-2″]
Projects Gallery 4
[stack_portfolio layout=”tiles”]
Projects Gallery 5
[stack_portfolio pppage=”3″ layout=”squares”]
Video Gallery 1
[stack_video_gallery][stack_video_gallery_content class=”Documentary” image=”14″ title=”Rip Curl Surfing” embed=””][stack_video_gallery_content class=”Social Media” image=”227″ title=”Ilk Yoga” embed=””][stack_video_gallery_content class=”Television” image=”228″ title=”Kinfolk Magazine” embed=””][stack_video_gallery_content class=”Television” image=”1007″ title=”Talent Bunker” embed=””][stack_video_gallery_content class=”Social Media” image=”874″ title=”Nike Active” embed=””][stack_video_gallery_content class=”Documentary” image=”149″ title=”Uncovered: Thailand” embed=””][/stack_video_gallery]