As we well know at PromoSimple, giveaways can be an essential marketing tool for your business. People are attracted to giveaways for many reasons, namely because they’re dying to win a fabulous prize. But at the root of it all, giveaways are fun and can generate a lot of excitement. And there’s one thing that makes really fun giveaways stand apart from lackluster ones: a theme.

Themes can literally make or break a giveaway. While your prize can get entrants pumped about your giveaway, a prize that fits in with a theme can make your giveaway cohesive and immediately more appealing. Here’s why:

You Improve Your Marketing
Adding a theme to your giveaway can not only make sure it stands out from other giveaways; it can also help to reinforce your brand and act as a successful marketing event. Whether you’re a blog or a business, chances are that you can connect your giveaway to a theme that reinforces your brand, product or topic.

If you’re trying to promote a book, you could use the setting or theme of the book as inspiration for your giveaway. Same concept could apply to a movie or an event. Or let’s say you sell electronics. Maybe you could go with a Black Friday giveaway to get people excited about your upcoming sales and prize. Or if you sell beauty products, you could have a seasonal sweepstakes and giveaway products that are perfect for the season. Whatever theme you choose, it can be a big help to your marketing efforts as long as it reinforces your brand or topic.

You Attract More Valuable Entrants
When you run a sweepstakes, you’re of course looking to grow your email list and/or social fan base. But you don’t want to gather a collection of entrants that aren’t at all interested in your brand or service. Undoubtedly, there are people out there who just enter as many sweepstakes as they can, no matter what. However, if your giveaway is focused around a theme that specifically targets your desired demographic, you could strike gold.

Let’s say, for example, you have a food blog and you want to run a giveaway. Perhaps you’d think about running a Thanksgiving recipe contest and giving away an awesome cookbook. With your giveaway centered around this kind of theme, you’re going to target people who are excited about Thanksgiving, who love to share their recipe ideas and who are also interested in your prize specifically at this time of year.

You’ll Create More Excitement
A theme is a great way to increase excitement about a giveaway. One great way to incorporate a theme is to take advantage of upcoming holidays that you can in coordination with your brand, product or message. For example, LD Products, who sell electronics among other things, decided to run a giveaway centered around Halloween. In their “scariest giveaway yet,” they’re giving away $1,000 worth of products to get the winner in the Halloween spirit. These prizes include an HDTV, a Blu-Ray player and the winner’s choice of 3 scary movies.

So with these tactics, they’ve created a theme around a relevant holiday that reinforces they’re brand and creates more excitement, and therefore, more engagement.

And Most Importantly, You Make Your Giveaway Stand Out from the Others
If you’ve got a theme you’re excited to run with, PromoSimple makes it easy as pie to fully customize your entry form accordingly. You can create entry forms that match your theme and website’s color scheme, add complementary images to your forms, upload custom Facebook “Like” Gate images or even create entire hosted, completely-customizable landing pages for your giveaways. With PromoSimple’s help and a great theme, you can ensure that your giveaway stands out above the rest.

If you’d like to discuss ways to use PromoSimple to create more effective and successful giveaways, please feel free to contact me at!