PART II: Designing an Eye-Catching Entry Form

When it comes to design, simplicity can often be your best friend. Any design aspect of a PromoSimple entry form can be altered to create a form that fits your business’s branding. Because the entry form can be placed within any content that you choose it can be most effective to keep the focus on the prize and tasks required of the entrant.

Choosing the correct headline and image are vital to grabbing the user’s attention and enticing them to enter the promotion. Be specific without adding so much detail that it seems complicated to understand the prize or enter the promotion.

Writing Effective Entry Form Headlines

Your headline should be short and sweet, crafted to grab the user’s attention. Be as specific as possible without going overboard on details. You can include additional information within the ‘Description’ area of your entry form. Using the prize’s retail value or the brand name of the item can help to increase participation.

Romantic Getaway
Valentine’s Day Giveaway
3-night Bahamas Cruise
$1,000 Diamond Necklace

Selecting an image

While you may be tempted to use your logo, keep in mind that you’re hoping to attract users interested in winning the prize that you’re offering. Choosing an image that clearly illustrates what they could win will be sure to grab their attention. Keep you text simple and limited, similar to how you structure your headline. Provide the basic info in a compelling and easy to understand format. The four examples below clearly indicate what the prize is while using color and contrast to grab your attention.

Including Thank You messages & Access to Gated Content

You can fully customize the design and content shown to users after they’ve completed the require portion of your entry form. Rather than simply being a dead-end user experience after the user has entered, this option gives you the ability to inform your entrants about your related products, services and content to funnel entrants to other areas of your website.

You can also provide access to ‘gated content’, which is accessible only after they’ve entered the sweepstakes. This content can be used as an additional incentive for users to enter the promotion, as everyone who enters will receive access to this content. Popular gated content includes discount and promotion codes that can help to increase immediate purchase conversions or downloadable content such as e-books and white papers.

To increase engagement with entrants, many sweepstakes administrators also find that offering users the option to provide feedback at this stage can generate a high volume of comments and sharing.  Adding a Facebook comment module allows you to easily accept feedback from users while increasing the viral nature of the promotion.

Official Rules

While it may be the most boring aspect of running a sweepstakes, the creation of your official rules is not a task that you should ever skip over. The legal aspect is extremely important for any sweepstakes and you want to make sure that you meet all local, state and federal laws. If your sweepstakes has a prize value that is close to or over $5,000 you should consult an attorney for drafting your official rules.

If you are including actions on third party websites, including social networks, you need to also be aware of any stipulations or guidelines specific to that website. View Promotion Guidelines for: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Tips for Official Rules

1. For most giveaways and sweepstakes, you can use the Official Rules generator to quickly and easily construct terms and conditions for your promotion. You can also edit these rules or add your own.

2. Keep your rules confined within your Official Rules section rather than specifying every stipulation directly on the entry form’s description area to prevent users from becoming overwhelmed before they reach the form portion of your giveaway.

3. Restrict entry based on country, state and/or date of birth to ensure that you don’t receive entries from users that are ineligible to win.



Specify entry requirements including demographic data, email sign-ups and social media interaction.



Design your entry form with custom images, colors and fonts or choose from a variety of templates and themes.



Increase awareness through the Giveaways Network and award bonus entries for sharing the promotion via Refer A Friend.



Access all of your promotion's entries with real-time reports. Export spreadsheets with your data at any time.

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