Once you’ve launched a giveaway it is vital to promote it often and widely in order to achieve the giveaway goals that you’ve set in terms of participation and engagement. You can now add a widget to your website that will automatically show all of your live giveaways from your PromoSimple account. This is an easy and time-saving way to let your users know about your current promotions from a sidebar or site-wide widget.

How giveaway widgets work

The giveaway widget allows you to select any or all of your currently live giveaways and have them appear within a customizable widget that you can paste onto any website or blog. When you are publishing a giveaway you have the option of checking a box to include that giveaway in your widget. When a promotion expires it will automatically cease appearing for users.

Creating a giveaway widget for your website

Clicking on the ‘Promote’ button from the top navigation when you are logged into your PromoSimple account will display all of your options for creating and adjusting your widget. You are able to select the width and height as well as customize all of the design aspects such as font, colors and the headline text. You can choose whether or not to display the number of days remaining for a giveaway and the total entries to-date for that promotion.

Customizing the content of a giveaway widget

At any time you can visit the ‘Promote’ section to adjust which giveaways appear within a live widget by checking a box for those that you want to display. Use the arrows to toggle the order in which giveaways display. You can also click on ‘Edit’ for a single giveaway to change the text that shows in the widget, add or change the image that is displayed and specify a URL for the link to click through to (such as the blog post that the giveaway is hosted within).

Adding your widget to a website

Embedding a widget within your website is a simple copy and paste process. Click on the ‘Get Embed Code’ button within the ‘Promote’ section. This will show a layer that contains the iFrame code for your widget. Copy this code and paste into any text widget, post or web page and the widget will appear instantly on your live website.