Anyone using PromoSimple, including our Free accounts, has the ability to fully customize the look and feel of a giveaway’s entry form; this includes fonts, colors and layout. For those who wish to run giveaways, sweepstakes and contests with a 100% white label entry form we also offer a ‘Select’ account type that includes a few additional features, including the ability to remove all PromoSimple branding.

Removal of PromoSimple branding
By setting up a ‘Select’ account each time you create a campaign the ‘powered by PromoSimple’ text and hyperlink in the footer of the entry form is automatically removed. This allows you to create a fully white labeled entry form that can be embedded into any webpage and seamlessly blend into the page design.

Fully customizable landing page
In addition to the removal of the PromoSimple link in the footer of the entry form, ‘Select’ accounts have the option to fully customize the hosted landing page that is created for every campaign run through PromoSimple. You can open the page’s HTML and add any images, CSS and HTML to the page to create a fully customized page that uses only your company’s branding.

Select accounts allow you to create an unlimited number of white label campaigns per month for $75. Sign up for an account.