When you’re running a giveaway, you’re trying to get the most people to enter as possible. But there’s a secret to maximizing your number of entrants and it’s one that far fewer people take advantage of than you think. What’s that secret? Refer a Friend. And just what makes it so crazy effective? Read on…

Maximizing Your Entrants

The goals for your giveaway are probably to collect email addresses/subscribers and increase your social followers. Those are great goals.

Adding the social following options to your giveaway not only increases your followers and presence, but they can secondarily increase your entrants. After all, if one of your entrant’s friends sees that they now follow your Facebook page, they may check out your page and enter, too.

This is a great outcome, of course, but it’s very hard to control. Instead of hoping that your entrant’s friends stumble across you, you have an option that helps you naturally increase your number of giveaway entrants (and subscribers). And, even better, those entrants are often in your perfect target audience.

That underutilized option is Refer a Friend. As part of our Business plan you can quickly and easily add Refer a Friend as either a required or bonus entry. Here’s why you should:

The Magic of Refer a Friend

When you add the Refer a Friend option to your giveaway, every entrant is going is going to think about which of their friends is most likely to be interested in your giveaway, too—which means that that friend is definitely a subscriber you want!

Remember, too, that when that a friend enters your giveaway, they’ll be doing the same thing: Thinking of which friend they‘ll refer. The Refer a Friend option essentially creates compound interest in your giveaway.

The more people refer their friends, the more their friends will refer other friends—and so on. It’s a fast and easy way to potentially double, triple, or quadruple your number of entrants without you having to do anything but activate the option.

The Refer a Friend option naturally promotes your giveaway and takes advantage of the most effective brand evangelists out there: People’s own friends! Add Refer a Friend to your giveaway, and watch your entrant numbers (and new loyal subscribers) grow exponentially.