About PromoSimple

PromoSimple is the simple solution for running giveaways, sweepstakes and contests. Anyone may create a promotion for free and add it to the Giveaways Network with a single click. Learn more about PromoSimple.

PromoSimple giveaway platform

The giveaway platform is constructed to be the easiest way to create, design and administer a giveaway, sweepstakes or contest. With features like layout and design customization, flexible entry options and social media validation, the PromoSimple platform has a huge number of options to create a completely custom giveaway for any website, blog or brand.

Promotions powered by PromoSimple can be embedded into any website, blog or Facebook page and do not require any technical or design knowledge.

All promotions powered by PromoSimple include real-time reporting which gives access to insights about entrants and trend reporting to analyze the success of the giveaway.

Giveaways network

The Giveaways network is comprised of the Giveaway Directory, Giveaway Widgets and Custom Widgets, all of which can be utilized by anyone who has created a promotion using PromoSimple, including free accounts. The network is designed to simply the process of promoting a giveaway and attracting a larger audience. With one click any giveaway can be added to the network. Upon the start of the promotion it will automatically be displayed within the directory and widgets.

– Sample Giveaway Widget –

Giveaways directory: The directory is designed to allow visitors to browse through promotions from a wide variety of blogs, brands and websites to find new products and promotions that interest them; this provides the person or company administering the promotion the opportunity to reach a new audience outside of their standard marketing channels.

Giveaways widget: These widgets can be created by any website or company, customized for design and easily pasted into any webpage. The content of a network widget may be customized to contain up to three categories of giveaways, from apparel or jewelry to travel and pets. Alternatively a network widget may contain a feed of every recently launched giveaway.

Custom widget: This widget allows a PromoSimple account to add a live feed to their website of only their own giveaways or to individually add specific promotions that they believe will interest their audience. In addition to full control over customizing the content of the widget, they may be designed to fit within a website’s look and feel.