The Giveaways Directory is powered by PromoSimple, the simple solution for running giveaways, sweepstakes and contests. Any giveaway, sweepstakes or contest that is created using the PromoSimple platform can be added to the Giveaway Network with a single click.

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In addition to this directory, the PromoSimple Giveaway Network powers giveaway widgets that are integrated into a wide variety of websites across the web, providing visitors to these websites with a live feed of giveaways that may interest them.

Sample Giveaway Widget:

Creating a giveaway

Blogs, brands and websites use the PromoSimple platform to create, design and run giveaways within a simple interface that requires no technical or design skills. The entry forms for these giveaways are embedded into websites, Facebook pages and the PromoSimple Giveaway Network. Anyone can easily create a sweepstakes for free using the PromoSimple platform.

Promoting a giveaway

With a single click, any giveaway, sweepstakes or contest that is created using the PromoSimple platform, including free accounts, can be opted-in to display across the Giveaway Network, including within this Giveaways Directory and Giveaway Widgets across the web. As soon as the promotion is live it will begin displaying to an audience across the entirety of the network, driving additional entrants to the promotion.

Customizing the display of a giveaway

A giveaway that is running across the network can also be easily customized with an image, information about the giveaway and a click-through for users to enter the giveaway on a particular URL outside of the directory, such as a blog post, website or Facebook page.