Facebook regularly updates the algorithm which decides what content to show users within their newsfeeds. In a recent newsfeed update a change was made that shows posts which contain a tag of another page to users who ‘like’ the tagged page.

1 secret for more Likes

This ‘Trending’ feature means that if you create a status update and tag a page or person the reach of your post may be greater than simply mentioning that page or person. If you post an update about a giveaway consider tagging the Facebook Page of the prize’s brand in your post. If you are giving away a book tag the author, if you are giving away apparel or clothing tag the manufacturer.

While this technique is no way guaranteed to increase the organic reach of post it does indicate to Facebook that the Fans of that Page may be interested in your content.

We also consider which posts are getting the most engagement from people who like both the Page that posted and the Page that was tagged.

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